The Library of CERELA contains specialized materials in the areas of Microbiology, Physiology, Metabolism, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Technology, Food, etc., mainly in relation to lactic acid bacteria.

The Library has a system of permanent collaboration with external services of all kinds, and makes use of multiple tools for consultations in order to fulfill its function quickly and efficiently.

It is a cooperating library of the Argentine Center for Scientific and Technological Information and serves researchers and scholars of the Institute, professionals and the public in general, at the provincial, national and international levels.

It is part of the consortium of the Electronic Library of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Included in its databases are periodical publications, Research Works generated in the Center and Thesis made in the Institution (all references with a summary in one of its fields to guide the internal user). This information is not yet available on the Web.

The goals of the Library are:

• Quick and direct access to useful, relevant and updated information.

• To be a means that considers the legal exercise of intellectual property.

• Know the profile of the users and learn with them to offer personalized searches.

• Allow access to data on documents such as authors, publication dates, topics, in the form of bibliographic records (metadata).

• Eliminating geographical barriers.

• Prepare a plan for the selection and acquisition of information according to the needs and demands of its users.

• Exchange bibliographic information and participate in cooperative projects.

• Obtain from other Libraries data or documents that are needed and that are not in the collection itself.

• Offer a service of dissemination of information.

• Access to information organized in a universal way.


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