CERELA is a scientific and technical research institute dedicated to the integral study of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and to a lesser extent of propionibacteria and bifidobacteria, which includes their beneficial (probiotic), fermenting, thickening, antimicrobial and bio-conservative properties and different applications in Food, Human Health and Animal Health.

The Center was inaugurated on August 27, 1976. It was created through an agreement that involved three Organisms: CONICET, the Miguel Lillo Foundation and the Foundation for Education, Science and Culture and its first directors were Dr. Aída Pesce Ruiz Holgado and Dr. Guillermo Oliver.

Currently forms part of the Technological Scientific Center of CONICET in Tucumán (CCT-CONICET), a functional structure with a broad thematic spectrum that provides an appropriate scope for applied and basic research.

CERELA is recognized as a reference institute for lactic acid bacteria. It has generated important contributions to the knowledge of these microorganisms as well as technological developments, invention patents and successful technology transfers to the socio-productive sector. The extensive training of human resources at the graduate and postgraduate levels completes the profile of the Center and the objectives of its creation.

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