Studies carried out in the laboratory seek to determine the nature of the interaction of probiotic lactic acid bacteria and their products with the immune system of the intestinal mucosa and at distant sites. These studies are addressed in normal and pathological situations such as malnutrition, obesity, allergy, intestinal inflammation, aging.
Studies leading to determine the effect of lactic acid bacteria and fermented products in the modulation of the immune response using cancer models, including breast cancer and colon cancer, are also carried out, analyzing in the latter its relationship with intestinal inflammation and infections. enteric. In addition, the possible effects associated with the consumption of lactic acid bacteria against neurodegenerative pathologies have recently begun to be evaluated, mainly analyzing the immune response. Another important point of our research is to determine the mechanisms of the maturation of the immune system due to the effect of the intestinal microbiota.
The results of these studies have been published in excellent journals in the specialty and have been awarded multiple times by prestigious national and international entities. Likewise, agreements have been established, mainly with the firm Danone to evaluate the preventive and therapeutic effect of fermented milk and probiotic bacteria in different biological experimental models.

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