The group develops different lines of research that address physiological, biochemical, molecular and technological studies aimed at the study and evaluation of lactic acid bacteria strains as metabolite production plants with biological potential and as metabolic and physiological modulators, with a beneficial effect on health and/or or industrial application. The objective is to lay the scientific foundations for the design of functional prototypes, using matrices of animal and plant origin.
The functional biomolecules studied are: hydrolytic and proteolytic enzymes, peptides with biological activity, polysaccharides, vitamins, inhibitory substances (bacteriocins) and bioprotectors, among others.
The compounds produced and their biological activity, and the effect of the lactic strains on metabolic and physiological processes, are evaluated by "in vitro" and pre-clinical tests. The technological potential of the lines of research is evaluated by applying parameters of technological maturity.
Among others, the Yogurito scientific project stands out, which includes scientific-technological research transferred to the socio-productive sector in the form of probiotic functional foods: yogurt (Yogurito), chocolate milk (Chocolet), cheese (QuesoBio) and bio-ingredient (Biosec). These products are part of food social programs at the national and provincial levels and of the technological offer to food companies.

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